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Life's aging phases
- From childhood to old age -
For information about infancy,
please visit the «Grooming your child» page.

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The consequences of not grooming

Ungroomed skin is neglected skin.
You were supposed to groom it, for at least an hour, every day of your life; but you haven't done it.
Let's see what effect this recess has had on your body and your appearance.







Child's face
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Could your skin stay young for all your life?

Childhood is characterized by years of pain-free well-being.
Because your skin is only lightly folded, your movements aren't hampered and your body's elasticity permits unobstructed action.

Your skin complexion is still healthy and clear.
However, the effect of your growing folds on your appearance is evident and it results in a continuous loss of beauty.
From the adorably charming baby to the average looking child, then to the ugly teenager.
For some, this loss of seductive power is felt early in life.







Teen's face
© Carissa Rogers

Teenagers see their skin tension increase
because of their body growth.

Your sudden size expansion tightens every fold crossing on your body.
You hurt much more now, but the strength of youth allows you to overlook the pain.
Gradually, you raise your sensibility threshold for all your aches.

During adolescence, your skull enlarges greatly and this causes an increase in the tension of the skin of your face.
It is this growth (and not your glands going crazy) that raises the pressure in the skin enough to provoke an expulsion of the sebum that was entrapped in your fold crossings.
The teenager's, problem skin, with pimples, blackheads and blemishes, can give a blow to their ego and become a hurdle in their social interactions.
People who maintain their beauty through this period have less folded skin.
However, many will see some of their traits grow exaggeratedly; because their folds are expanding and tightening, thus diminishing their beauty.







Adult's face

© Yvez_Voltaire08

Adults see their looks going down the drain,
but they do nothing about it.

Pain now comes faster.
You can’t do things for so long anymore.
Sometimes, your pain is sharp enough to make some of your movements uncomfortable.
Without noticing it, you shift your body position while performing those movements, at least while you feel the pain.
But, you don’t detect these changes; they happen gradually.
You start having chronic pain, caused by your major fold crossings.
You cease doing some activities and your life becomes more and more regulated by what you call «aging».

Folds you call. «wrinkles» appear, multiply and deepen.
Your skin thickens, loses its smoothness and its tone gets dull.
You become less and less attractive.

Arthritis and rheumatism

Arthritis and rheumatism are simply names given to folded skin pain.
Circular folds tighten around every articulation on your body and this inhibits your movements.
The folds expand so deeply that the skin gets entangled and caught into every joint.
The pain is usually more acute when you try to fully open or close the articulation.
The positions you take and keep in everyday life, your gestures, expressions and actions... they all aggress your entangled flesh.
Arthritic and rheumatismal pain is often associated with weather and atmospheric conditions.
Skin is very affected by changes in temperature, moisture, wind, and barometric pressure.
They generate variations in the intensity of the pain you feel.
In the same manner, any swelling of your skin will increase its tension, and thus the pain you feel.






Old age

Elderly's face

© Peretz Partensky

Folds are so obvious on aged skin that you wonder
why people do nothing to prevent them.

Your whole body is now held captive by the tightened and hardened grid of folds.
Every movement caries its toll of aches coming from super fold crossings of giant proportions.
Your body positions, such as standing or sitting, are now based on minimizing discomfort.
Your walking stance is becoming more awkward and unbalanced, with shortened and sometimes distorted movements.
You get to the point where you are hurting most of the time.

Your skin becomes visibly wrinkled all over.
Spots, marks and blemishes degrade its beauty even more.
Your hair is white or gone.

Life ain't as much fun anymore.


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