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Beauty = Health

Humans haven't invented beauty.
It's a fundamental value of nature
representing health.

What is beauty?

There are several types of beauty.
The term can be used to describe people, nature, art, moral values, clothes, ...
This section pertains to:

•The beauty of all living organism, and particularly
•The beauty of animals, and particularly
•The beauty of the human body and face

Humans have been trying to define beauty for a long time.
Some have tried to explain it as mathematical proportions, searching for what was called the «canons» of beauty.
Most definitions associate beauty with «harmony of form and color» and with «pleasing the eye».

Beauty is natural,
not a human device

When you look up «beauty» in an encyclopedia, you get the impression that our ancestors have created it.
Some go as far as saying that artificial works, such as art, clothes or jewelry may represent a higher degree of beauty than that found in nature.
I think they are wrong.
I'm convinced that God has introduced the notion of beauty.
You find it as a fundamental value for animals who have a decent sense of sight.
It permits them to evaluate the health of others.
Beauty is a less important factor for nocturnal animals and for those living deep below ground or water.

When you see beauty,
you see health

Just have a look at some animals, wild ones, if you can find any.
When you observe them, you can evaluate their physical shape.
Those who are healthy tend to be more beautiful, while those who are ill present characteristics that make them less appealing to us.
You can estimate their health condition that fast and easily.
Why should things be different for humans?

Beauty is the true value
behind attraction

Now, consider mating and sexual behaviors in nature.
You will see a slew of artificial means of attraction going from extra feathers, colors, antlers, ... up to exotic dancing and calls.
These exaggerated developments are unnatural and phony and exist only for animals who don't recognize beauty itself.
This was our case, since our common ancestors with the chimpanzees would use pink swellings as a seduction method.
You can see that, through those artifices, all these animals are searching for the healthiest partner.
In fact, beauty is the fundamental value that should guide them.

Beauty has a bad reputation

Since beauty seems unattainable to many people, they badmouth it.
They deny its existence and pretend that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Judging others upon their looks is considered wrong.
Ugly individuals, unable to better their state, will often give up or invent some hideous style.

Evolving towards beauty

To depict a more complete picture of beauty, you must consider its development in humans over millions of years.
If you consider its evolution from our chimpanzee-like common ancestors to modern-day humans, the results are fascinating.
As a species, we have beautified continuously and we still are.
The problem is with each individual.
But grooming is coming to our rescue.


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