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Aches and pains

The next time you ache,
place your finger where it hurts
and peck the area with your nail.

I just can't believe it

My human friends,
How could this happen?
How can we have been so wrong?
Is it that, for millions of years, we've all been so scared of pain that we would not explore it with our fingers?
How could our scientists be so mistaken?
How could they not check things out on their own bodies?

At last, an end to
the suffering

For all the people who endure occasional pain attacks or chronic pain, this will be deliverance.
Those with more severe disabilities will have to groom for a longer period before freeing themselves.
Even regions that exhibit a loss of sensitivity can be returned to normal.
And the icing is that, if you keep on grooming, these problems will never reoccur.

Defence mechanism

Pain is there for a good reason.
Without it, you would not remove your hand from fire.
Without pain, you would bruise and destroy yourself quite fast.
Your body is telling you what to do and what not to do.
It knows just how much it can take of each element: heat, cold, pressure, puncture, friction, sun exposure, water, ...
If at any moment you don’t follow its rules, you’re in pain.

What pain am I talking about?

If you've hit your head on something, if you've cut yourself, if an insect has stung you, ... the cause of the pain is clear.
Your skin is probably injured and damaged.
So don't touch it.
This is not the pain I'm talking about.
Grooming addresses what you consider as muscular pain, pain while walking and doing some movements, pain in the articulations, pain and stiffness due to position and fatigue, aches in any part of the body even belly aches and several toothaches...
For most of these, you already have a rationale about their origin and cause, but grooming will prove you wrong, because the pain is in the skin.

Revising your views

It will certainly take you some time to test this out and change your thinking.
In my case, over 95% of my aches and pains were caused by folds and their crossings all over my body.
I had to revise and change my previous reasoning about each problem I had.

Knowing why you hurt

When you groom a spot on your body that has been nagging you periodically for years, you find out why it was hurting.
You become empowered that you can solve the problem.
This leads to a sense of relief because you understand your ailment.
Your confidence in your health and capacities increases.


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